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The NJMCDirect portal is one of the best portals for the people to pay the fine amount securely. This portal is a highly encrypted portal. Thus, you can always trust the security of this online portal.

The NJMCDirect portal has been working like a charm for the customers and the management team. This portal has enhanced the convenience level to a great extent. Thus, the people all over New Jersey just love using this portal as it saves their time to a great extent.

NJMCDirect Contact Details

If you face any sort of issues, while using the online NJMCDirect portal, you can contact the NJMCDirect management team without any sort of worries. Also, you can give them your feedback about this portal. Have a look at the contact details of the NJMCDirect below:

Telephone Number: 973 284 4945

Fax Address: 973 284 4914

Reach out address: JMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chestnut Street

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday (8 AM to 4 PM)

NJMCDirect management team contact

The management team of this portal is always happy to communicate with you in case of any sort of issue or feedback.

Thus, if you are baffled about paying the fine, you should immediately visit the NJMCDirect portal at and make sure that you pay the amount within a few seconds.

The NJMCDirect portal is solely introduced to enhance the convenience level of the users. Also, it is an extremely secure mode of payment. This portal eliminates the use of cash money anywhere and thus promotes the digitalization.

If you wish to clear your fine using the NJMCDirect portal, the need for waiting in the queue to pay the amount and thus wasting your time gets eliminated.

NJMCDirect at is one of the most incredible efforts to help the customers to pay their fine easily and securely.